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Puppy School Online is here!

Puppy School Online is here while COVID-19 keeps us locked down

Introducing ‘Puppy School Online’ - live training classes with us in the comfort of your own home!  Our face-to-face classes have temporarily been replaced by weekly puppy training classes hosted via the internet!  Train remotely and safely from home. We have tested our virtual classes online with our clients and our puppy owners really loved it. We will use clear technique demonstration videos with personal teaching and coaching, giving you the opportunity to practice at home where your puppy will be more relaxed and less distracted. Our small online class sizes (3-4) means great personal tuition too. 

We will be back with face-to-face classes as soon as we can but, in the meantime, train with us online to save wasting this precious time with your puppy.

It’s a difficult time for everyone now but your puppy experts are still here for you! Stay safe everyone, we will get through this together! :) 

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